Berger Bookkeeping takes a holistic view of your books, reviewing all components of your company's finances and advising the appropriate updates, changes or tools to identify and mitigate risk and maintain an accurate representation of company health and financial status.

Our bookkeeping services adhere to a policy of "Best Practices" we have developed over years of experience. Using onsite and remote technology, daily, weekly and monthly bookkeeping tasks can be automated and scheduled to ensure all tasks are completed and reported consistently without fail. Berger Bookkeeping provides reliable, affordable proactive bookkeeping and related services.

General Bookkeeping
Many business owners hire a bookkeeper or an accountant only to prepare their tax paperwork. At Berger Bookkeeping, we know that accurate and consistent bookkeeping throughout the year has its advantages. Moreover, if done properly, this provides you with key insights to make well informed decisions proactively. 

  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually after the fact bookkeeping
  • Full service bookkeeping
  • Insightful reports

Accounts Payable

  • Maintain Vendor list and data
  • Enter all bills and payables
  • Review all bills
  • Check for duplicate bills
  • Prepare checks or schedule electronic transfers.

Accounts Receivable

  • Review and record invoices
  • Prepare and mail invoices
  • Prepare accounts receivable agings
  • Deliver customer statements and notices
  • Follow up with customers, as requested


  • Setup up Inventory
  • Enter Item Transactions
  • Tracking inventory quantities and costs
  • Establishing reorder levels (optional)
  • Physical to book inventory reconciliation
  • Generate Inventory Reports


Management Reporting
We provide all of our clients with the business insights that can be derived from their books and not just the financial statements that are provided by accounting software. We combine our bookkeeping and accounting experience with our IT know-how to create reports that will guide your business to exponential growth.

  • Your critical data in one report
  • Financial performance charts and graphs
  • Get numbers the way you want, as often as you want

For Certified Public Accountants - CPA Bookkeeping

  • Refer your clients to us and we will service them
  • We represent your firm and service your clients
  • We can act as your bookkeeper rather than having one on staff

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