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Berger Bookkeeping services have been specifically designed to help you gain better control of your finances and provide insight into your business which will help you run the day to day operations more efficiently and in turn, provide real solutions to more profit. Our goal has always been to give our customers the expertise and resources to use financial knowledge to their benefit. Our methodology allows us to gather the key information required for a comprehensive analysis. When it comes keeping accurate books, Berger Bookkeeping understands exactly what your business needs. Our experience helps us provide customized, extensive and creative solutions to support your requirements and needs.

Key Benefits


​Berger Bookkeeping is a professional services firm
providing bookkeeping and related services to
a wide range of small businesses and medium
sized companies. Some of the benefits of working with Berger Bookkeeping are, we deliver; a professional team, meticulous and precise data entry, and on time reporting and submissions.  Additionally, we provide; process standardization, better security, savings on overheads, expense reporting, budgeting, and financial reports.

Who We Are

Jessica R. Berger, Principal
Jessica Berger began her career in the professional fundraising arena, most recently at The New York Botanical Garden.  Jessica found that she had a knack for numbers and an overwhelming need to organize.  Combining the best of both, Jessica found great happiness in serving as the bookkeeper for the Corporate Relations department of the Garden. 

After leaving to raise her son, Jessica has returned to the work force with a new company providing bookkeeping and related services.

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